Jesus, A Tough Act To Follow

How do we profess the Love of Christ, share Bible verses but mistreat and hate others? It is a sham religion or sham Christian who proclaims to follow Him and desires to serve and share The Gospel, but cannot keep His Commandments or live the doctrines they preach/teach/share??!! No doubt that Jesus’ example can beContinue reading “Jesus, A Tough Act To Follow”

The Lord Deals With Evildoers- A Word From Brother Julius

Good morning,Any wicked person that has vowed to waste your efforts, your time, your resources and glory, shall be wasted in Jesus Christ. Amen!!! As you set your feet on today’s activities, Heavens shall step out with you, all your missions shall be accomplished to the glory of God and you shall testify to theContinue reading “The Lord Deals With Evildoers- A Word From Brother Julius”