A Word From Brother Julius

God’s great miracles and exploits will not cease in your life. You will move from one level of glory to a higher level. Every harassment in your and your household’s lives, I command it to stop now in Jesus Christ. Amen!!! Every nightmare aimed at terminating your and your household’s lives will backfire and anyContinue reading “A Word From Brother Julius”

The Lenten Season of Reconciliation

I Dedicate This To My Husband: Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the first day of our Lenten Season, a period of 40-days leading up to the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. It is a period of fasting β€” giving up something, such as something excessive, extravagant, unhealthy, sinful, etc., a period ofContinue reading “The Lenten Season of Reconciliation”

Blessing #1 Today

You are alive! Despite what the devil had planned, you are still here for a reason. Husband or wife unfaithful? Seeking divorce or separation? No worries, God’s got you and will deal with their adultery, disobedience to The Word, marriage vows/promises and sinful nature. For whom God Loves, He also corrects! Children acting out? NoContinue reading “Blessing #1 Today”