Tidings Of GREAT Joy Are Ours, IJCMN! 🙏🏽

By Brother Julius: Good morning and happy blessed Sunday, Today marks the first sunday of this year! From now till December 31st 2020, your date of death is not included. Amen 🙏🏽  Everything you and your households are waiting on the Lord for,  is included in this year’s calendar.  I checked through the calendar upContinue reading “Tidings Of GREAT Joy Are Ours, IJCMN! 🙏🏽”

Enter Into 2020 In Peace ~ A Prayer From Brother Julius

Good morning,As today marks the second (2nd) day of the new year, I prophesy to you and your household: -A relaxed mind,-A peaceful soul,-A joyful spirit,-A healthy body; and a heart full of love…All these are my prayers for you and your household in Jesus Christ. Amen!!! Those who say who were you last year,Continue reading “Enter Into 2020 In Peace ~ A Prayer From Brother Julius”

Marriage Is A Blessing From God

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” ~ Mark 10:9 My husband and I have been married for a few years now. It was his second, my first. We bonded over shared beliefs and Christian fellowship that wove what I thought was an impenetrable bond grounded in our mutual faith andContinue reading “Marriage Is A Blessing From God”

A New Year’s Prayer From Brother Julius

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Good morning,In this year, 2020, I join my faith with yours and pray that your dwelling place shall be safe. Your surroundings shall be secured, in Jesus Christ. Amen!!! All that the Lord has given unto you shall be under His Care. Whenever you have to count, nothing shall be missing or lost.Continue reading “A New Year’s Prayer From Brother Julius”

Where God Guides, He Will Provide

A Prayer From Brother Julius Brothers and Sisters: As the year comes to an end, God will supernaturally guide you in every facet of life. As you trust in the Lord with your whole heart, He will guide you perfectly into the new year and the Lord will continually satisfy you in Jesus Christ. Amen!!!Continue reading “Where God Guides, He Will Provide”