He Blesses Those Who Live By His Word

Want God to elevate you? God bestows His favor and blessings when you listen to Him, and not the world. If you waiver in God’s ability to solve your problems and fix the issues in your life, marriage and relationships, you lack faith in The One who is the foundation of our salvation and TheContinue reading “He Blesses Those Who Live By His Word”

Love… It’s God’s Mandate

If you have animist against anyone in your heart, you cannot Love God! If you harbor unforgiveness against anyone, you cannot Love God. God is Love. Jesus embodied forgiveness. Not just for ourselves, but for us to also give to others. Remember this! Lord, let Your Word ring true in our lives, words, actions andContinue reading “Love… It’s God’s Mandate”

Be A Witness Everyday

Everyday that we are blessed to see the sunrise, God needs us to be a faithful witness, to share The Gospel of Jesus Christ, just as someone shared it with you! We never know what pain or hurt someone is masking as they try to navigate this world until you take a moment to trulyContinue reading “Be A Witness Everyday”