God Fights Our Battles

I can face an army of thousands with God by my side.
No weapon, no person(s), no trial, no wickedness, no false witness will stand me down for truth is the sword and Jesus the shield that will annihilate the demons and demonic actors used by the devil to battle me.
The prayers of the righteous availeth much and strikes down those who rise up against me. God Almighty has bore witness to their transgressions and the evil that stirs up their hardened hearts. God alone has seen, heard and knew in advance their plots and schemes for He knows the heart and evil that dwells within the hearts of men and He knows the true nature of those who claim to live by His Word, but depart from it to appease their flesh and to gain favor with the world.
God does not abide the slaying of the innocent, the adulterous acts, covetedness of the greedy, the idol worshipping that men subscribe to and elevate above His Word and Laws. Or the murderous thoughts of the unrepentant and the hypocrisy of false prophets.
Do not be afraid to speak truth to lies.
Do not be afraid to expose the deceitfulness of man.
Fear not the darkness that resides in man, seek God and His Light as your guide. He will stand with you when the demons rise up, those seen and unseen.
God is our Army of One. He goes before you, stands besides us and protects our rear.
All praise belongs to Him.
Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

The Dawning Of A New Season

Only nice people will understand the sheer frustration that comes from dealing with people who think that niceness is a license to take a person for granted.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being nice. In fact,  it is important that everyone practices being nice to one another.

We know that life is short and we don’t have forever with each other.  We must make sure every moment counts by treating each other right.

Despite the need for people to be nice, it is also important that nice people know when to say enough.

A time to be nice.

Being nice never goes out of fashion. It is always good to do nice things. When the situation calls for it, be nice to people.

There is a popular saying that there is a time (season) for everything.

When it comes to being nice, it should be something that happens every time. Unfortunately,  life does not work that way. While we will wish that we can be nice all day, every day, there are sometimes when being nice might have to be put on the back burner.

Here is the deal; there are times when being nice is the best thing to do. When you get an opportunity to be and do good deeds, do not hesitate. Go out of your way to show kindness to people. Be polite to the people you come across.

Do not let life and its problems make you hard.

Find joy in showing kindness to all you meet.

When you have finished doing all these and then come across those people who delight in making it tough to be nice, must you accept their continuous abuse?

Enough is enough.

In the midst of being nice and caring, there will come a time when you will have to put your feet down and say,” okay, enough is enough”.

There is no time frame for how long you can be nice, but there is time to be nice and a time to say enough!.

How do you know it is time?

When it’s becoming harder to be nice because the person keeps taking your niceness for granted.

When people want to take advantage of your niceness because they believe you would not react.

It is okay to be nice, even when the other person isn’t, but when your niceness is putting you at a disadvantaged position, it is time to put our feet down.

A similar situation happens when we are raising kids. Even though we want to allow them to have fun and explore, there comes a time when we say enough. Enough of the running, enough of the playing. We put our feet down and deliberately make them do something worthwhile.

The same thing applies to handling issues of niceness.

When the situation is getting out of hand and your being nice seems to be making things more difficult, do not be afraid to put your feet down and say “enough is enough”!!!

That way, you can control the situation without losing your niceness.

From PositivityofLife.com

A Betrayal of the Heart

The Bible speaks often of betrayal. It is pervasive throughout The Word, the most famous of which is Judas, one of the 12 Disciples, betrayal of Christ with a kiss in The Garden of Gethsemane. He knew what Jesus would face at the hands of the Romans, he knew Jesus held him in special regard as one of His hand-picked Disciples chosen as the 12 witnesses and future ministers of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. By his betrayal, Judas had destroyed probably the most important relationship of his life and lost the promise of eternal life as well.

What breaks our heart about betrayal is that it is much more than a betrayal of the heart, the heart breaks because it is a betrayal of a relationship.

To betray is to break relationship. Just as when we sin against God/Jesus, we break our relationship with The Father, causing Jesus to weep due to our selfishness, disobedience and disregard of God’s Word.

Those that break their marriage vows, their pledges and promises to their children, those that lie, cheat, abuse, or steal, break relationships by betraying that bond, trust, love/Love, belief and promise. They destroy relationships, and just as importantLt, slowly kill their souls as it erodes with each instance of betrayal.

Betrayal begins with stepping outside of God’s Word by living for the world and not The Word of God.

True repentance begins with seeking forgiveness from all that you have betrayed. Dedicating oneself to the repair, reconciliation and restoration of the relationships you broke Covenant with, according to God’s Word.

Instead of divorce – seek reconciliation!

Instead of lying – tell the truth and free your tormented soul.

Instead of adultery, run and turn away from all unGodliness, remember how Joseph, to prevent being tempting by the wiles of a woman, ran out of her house leaving his prized coat behind rather than fall victim to a temptation

Instead of using someone, honor and appreciate their generous nature and find ways to give back or pay it forward instead of taking advantage of their kindness and love/Love for you.

Betrayal is a poison that slowly kills your soul. Turn away from it and be the example Christ modeled for us all.

Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Are You Following the world, or The Word?

When faith gives way to fear — fear of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, the unknown, being disavowed or ex-communicated from family, friends or church, fear of poverty, fear of abandonment, fear of loss — it is ‘convenient’ to forsake God’s Word and His instructions in order to be accepted, or to be in the good graces or favor of men or women. We side-step our faith, step outside of God’s Will, His Word and instructions and step right into sin, disobedience, and the worldly ways Jesus delivered us from. We then are thrust into walking outside God’s Will wherein our behaviors demonstrate that we no longer trust Him. At this point we have lurched forward into making mistakes in life by letting the world, not The Word lead, guide and direct us. Sacrificing The Word to sin and tragedy!

Unfortunately, sometimes people will move faster in obedience to man, than to God, despite having our Bibles to lead, guide and direct us. We are then operating outside God’s Will, ignoring the fact that ultimately it is ONLY God who can save us, protect us, heal us and Loves us unconditionally. Not man! We often miss the Hand or movement of God because we are consumed with pleasing the world, not our Heavenly Father. God’s Word guides us on how to handle every situation we may encounter in this world.

Standing on His Word may not resonate with man, or make sense. It may anger those around you, cause you to lose relationships, distance you from your family and friends.
But that is what faith is all about. Standing on the Promises of God! Living our lives as true witnesses for Christ, no matter the cost or consequences. No matter the loss. For what does it matter to please the whole world, but at the cost of losing your soul, destroying your witness and spilling innocent blood.

We should not allow people’s opinions, hurt feelings, disappointments or threats to disown or to separate or cut us off, to be the basis for us acting out of fear and not walking in faith.

Our decision to tell the truth, follow God’s instructions is what separates us from the world. Our disobedience places us right back into the sin Jesus died to deliver us from.

Just think, what if this is your test God designed specifically for you?

What if your purpose was to pass the test in order to model for others God’s way? In order to forge a way forward for mankind.

You see, we never know who, what, when, or why God chooses us or what circumstances in our lives He has purposed to exercise His Will. Our only ask from Him is that we exercise our faith, stand on His Word, follow His Laws and TRULY TRUST Him, no matter the cost.

Did you really trust God before you did what you did in disobedience to His teachings, His Word? Or did you fail because of your fear of how the world viewed, said they would treat you or whether or not they threatened to cut you off and abandon you for doing what was right in the sight of The Lord.

Meditate and pray over that.