We thank Jesus for His blood sacrifice that cleanses, redeems and restores us back to Our Father! God forgives us our sins! Hallelujah and tosses them into the Sea of Forgetfulness! Though our sins are forgiven, we are not without sin and as such should never become self-righteous or lack humility! We must let our life —including our redemption from our sins—be a testimony to others, not hidden away so that we can rewrite our life’s narrative!! You were saved for a reason!! —Mrs. Rita Oluwole

God’s Way Or Your Way?

The Word teaches us that Satan’s mission is single-fold: to steal, kill and destroy. Always keep that in the forefront of your mind as you are daily tried by him and his minions.

Daily we are under attack by Satan for he is a relentless pursuer of God’s anointed and chosen that actively seek to live according to God’s Word!

The challenge then becomes will you fight back in God’s armor, clothed in His Word and praying and fasting for your victory over satan? Or will you try to do battle with Satan using your human skill sets?

We cannot do battle against Satan who before his fall from heaven, was God’s most powerful angel. To defeat him we need God, His Word and prayer and supplication to resist him, just as Jesus Christ did while in the wilderness.

Trust God! Believe and exercise His Word. Have Faith the size of a mustard seed that He will see you through to victory, no matter what you may be facing!

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