If You Love God…You Must Love Your Spouse

I knew a man who had several wives and many lovers. When asked of him what was the cause of the ruination of his many relationships, his answer always pointed the finger at the many women in his life. Fault never fell on his shoulders. Even to the point he fabricated lies that he couldContinue reading “If You Love God…You Must Love Your Spouse”

Guided Out Of The Darkness By His Light

Just as God blesses us from the darkness of our sleep into the dawning of a new day, He is more than able to bring us out of the darkness of our trials and tribulations through fasting and praying into His Marvelous Light! For through faith we can move mountains and obstacles that hinder ourContinue reading “Guided Out Of The Darkness By His Light”

May Our Walk, Mirror Our Talk

Lying, half-truths and deceptive actions are rooted in Satan, the father of all lies. Those that engage in it are followers of Satan, not God, because God is The Way, The Truth and The Light! The power of television, radio, the Internet and satellite tv have been utilized by many to reach around the globe.Continue reading “May Our Walk, Mirror Our Talk”