Flatlined In The Spirit

There are times when we go “flat” in our faith walk. These are periods when our jubilance and rejoicing over all that God has done and continues to do in our lives is taken for granted. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all fallen prey to periods of spiritual flatlining where we haveContinue reading “Flatlined In The Spirit”

EVE-God’s first daughter

Eve was God’s second creation, His first daughter formed on the 6th day to be Adam’s companion! Her story teaches us the important role of women and men—complements of one another, supporters, and each other’s helpmate formed to uplift and empower each other! We often misconstrue or limit the role of helper or helpmate toContinue reading “EVE-God’s first daughter”

Love is Forever

She said, “Don’t call the doctor, I want to fall asleep peacefully, with your hand in mine.”He told her about the past, how they met, their first kiss. they didn’t cry, they smiled. They didn’t regret anything, they were grateful. Then she repeated softly, ‘I love you forever!’ He returned her words, gave her aContinue reading “Love is Forever”