Women Are Special to God

Have you ever noticed how in the scriptures men are always going up into the mountains to commune with the Lord? Yet in the scriptures we hardly everhear of women going to the mountains.But we know why — right? Because the women were too busykeeping life going;they couldn’t abandon babies,meals,homes,fires,gardens,and a thousand responsibilities to makeContinue reading “Women Are Special to God”

We Plant Not For Ourselves, But For The Kingdom

Train a child up in the way of The Lord and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 You are your child’s first teacher of the goodness of The Lord and His sacrifice for us. We are the farmers planting the seeds of God’s Word to one day reap aContinue reading “We Plant Not For Ourselves, But For The Kingdom”

It’s Not Over, Until God Says It’s Over!

A Word From Brother Julius:God will give you the grace to put everything that should be controlled in your life under control. Every evil power assigned to pollute you and any conspiracy in the covens to kill you has been scattered and destroyed. Power that will lead you to uncommon testimonies will be bestowed uponContinue reading “It’s Not Over, Until God Says It’s Over!”

A Word From Brother Julius

In times of trouble, persecution, trials and despair, trust God. In this focus scripture, King David, who God loved dearly, but he had sinned against God’s Word, seeks His ever-loving Father’s intervention in the trials and calamities he caused himself. As we serve a living God, He did not abandon David as He knew HisContinue reading “A Word From Brother Julius”

The Connection Between Communion and Reconciliation

Next Sunday is the first Sunday of the month and it is Communion Sunday in my Faith. As a child growing up in my grandfather’s church, as kids we weren’t permitted to partake of the service. We learned in our Sunday school lessons and from our parents that Communion was a sacred service only toContinue reading “The Connection Between Communion and Reconciliation”