He Blesses Those Who Live By His Word

Want God to elevate you?

God bestows His favor and blessings when you listen to Him, and not the world.

If you waiver in God’s ability to solve your problems and fix the issues in your life, marriage and relationships, you lack faith in The One who is the foundation of our salvation and The Word which is filled with testimonies of His Great Works!

If you made decisions that don’t follow The Word, correct them and get back in line with Godly living.

Brothers and Sisters, His Word is true. Experience the life, blessings and health He promised in His Word, by following His Word, no matter what the world, your family or friends say. They didn’t save you or forgive your sins…God Did!

Lord, forgive our unfaithfulness, our departures from Your Godly advice, and from following Your Word. Give us the strength to amend our wrongs, restore our relationships and reconcile with those who we hurt or who hurt us. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name we pray, Amen 🙏🏽

Published by mrsolakunleoluwole

A woman of God, wife, and mother just seeking His face and to do God’s Will while spreading The Word of God. My husband, Olakunle, who writes the blog “To God Be The Glory — Fellowship of Praise,” and I pray to be a blessing to the men and women of God who read the blogs, and through my witness, and sharing of God’s Word. Amen 🙏🏽

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