God Rewards 10-Fold

Never fret, get depressed or hold onto anger or pain when people you trusted used and took advantage of you. Pray for them and know that as you freely gave, God will reward you 10-fold and heal your heart while working on them so their souls are not lost to Satan.

There are those who seek to gain at other’s expense. Pray for them!

There are those who put their needs above those who God blessed them with. Pray for them.

There are those who use words recklessly, breaking Covenant with God, His Word, their vows, their promises and commitments. They are babes in Christ Jesus who suckle at the tit, not yet ready to be spoon fed nor prepare a meal. Correct them with God’s Word and pray for them.

Remember your reward comes from God for doing good to others and loving/Loving them when they don’t truly know how to love or Love back. They are still babes in Christ.
Know too, that God will show them how they mistreated the ones that He gave to be a blessing to them, but instead allowed the sinful ways of Satan to lure them to abuse God’s children for selfish gain.

Published by mrsolakunleoluwole

A woman of God, wife, and mother just seeking His face and to do God’s Will while spreading The Word of God. My husband, Olakunle, who writes the blog “To God Be The Glory — Fellowship of Praise,” and I pray to be a blessing to the men and women of God who read the blogs, and through my witness, and sharing of God’s Word. Amen 🙏🏽

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