The Inheritance

What will you leave to the children God has blessed you with and those He entrusted to your care?

Caretakers. We are but mere caretakers of children as our parents before us were of us. What is the inheritance that you are leaving them?

Is it trust funds, big bank accounts, an academic legacy or pathway, a watch or car collectIon? A house(s), land(s), a business? These are nice materialistic gifts for an earth-focused lifestyle, but are worthless and inadmissible through the Gates of Heaven!

God sent His only begotten son to us as our inheritance from Him if we should accept Jesus. That inheritance provides us forgiveness of sins, salvation from the penalty of our sins, and most of all eternal life once this earthly existence expires.
If you aren’t offering the children in your care the inheritance of Salvation through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, you have abused the blessing of being a parent that God empowered you with. We must teach our children ABOUT Jesus. Share The Word. Plant Seeds that will lead them to giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

If your life and lifestyle doesn’t model Jesus Christ’s example, you have and are failing in this important God-given role. If you are lying, cheating on your spouse, committing adultery or fornicating — you are not teaching them in the ways of how Christ instructed and God expects us to live. If you use, abuse, abandon and deceive people, you are sinning and the children are watching and learning who you truly are and that you are either a hypocrite or nonbeliever/no follower of Jesus Christ. If you bear false witness, covet what belongs to your neighbor, put culture/tribalism above The Word of God…you are committing idolatry. If you counsel or advise people to act like and do as the unbelievers do such as divorcing, woman/man hopping, cheating, or rubber stamping or turning a blind eye to a fellow believers sin, you are shaming God and living for the devil.
Live Holy. Live The Word! Don’t just preach or write about it, while in your private life/behind closed doors or in your online chats you are sinful, adulterous, disobedient and hypocritical of The Word. Don’t cherry-pick what Scriptures you will follow. Be Consistent in your Witness! Be The Living Personification Of God’s Word! This is the inheritance we all must strive to leave the children in our care and the world. ~~ Your Servant, Rita Oluwole 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Published by mrsolakunleoluwole

A woman of God, wife, and mother just seeking His face and to do God’s Will while spreading The Word of God. My husband, Olakunle, who writes the blog “To God Be The Glory — Fellowship of Praise,” and I pray to be a blessing to the men and women of God who read the blogs, and through my witness, and sharing of God’s Word. Amen 🙏🏽

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