Under Demonic Influence

We can’t explain Evil or the Wickedness of man other than to recognize the influence of Satan in their lives and behind their behaviors. 

I pray that if you are under demonic influence that you can release the devil’s hold on you and your life!

Remember God knows all, sees all, knows the desires of our heart, who is driving our demonic actions, when we mock God by willfully disobeying Him and His Word and how in our efforts to please man or woman, we waffle between The Word and the world.

We can’t hide. Our ACTIONS and WORDS reveal who we REALLY are and who we REALLY are following knowingly in our lives.

To serve Satan and listen to his minions means you are not serving God for we cannot serve two masters and God expects us to in all our actions, words and deeds follow our guidebook and do ALWAYS what is right in His eyes, not our own, our spouses or parents or children.

For God is a jealous God and He doesn’t share His Loved ones with Satan.

Choose this day who you will serve!

Father God give us the courage to do what is Biblical, what is right, what is according to Your Word no matter how difficult or hard that it may be. Remind us that there is no suffering in this world or rebuke or punishment that is greater than what Jesus Christ endured as our blood sacrifice for salvation.

If we are doing wickedness, stop us. If we are being cruel, halt those actions in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

If we plan divorce or separation. correct us from these unBiblical acts with Your Word that cuts like a two-edge sword. Flood our minds with Your Word, our Covenant vows with you and our spouse so that we are not hypocrites and false prophets and so-called Lovers of The Word, But not doers of The Word.

Intercede in our lives, marriages, relationships, families, children Lord in every situation to root out Satan and usher in Your healing, Loving, restoring light so that we may walk in truth. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name we pray, Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Published by mrsolakunleoluwole

A woman of God, wife, and mother just seeking His face and to do God’s Will while spreading The Word of God. My husband, Olakunle, who writes the blog “To God Be The Glory — Fellowship of Praise,” and I pray to be a blessing to the men and women of God who read the blogs, and through my witness, and sharing of God’s Word. Amen 🙏🏽

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